Ovex Case Studies


Assignment Description:

Libertybooks.com is one of the pioneers of E-Commerce platforms in Pakistan. Libertybooks wanted to update its E-commerce portal to cater to the increasing traffic on the website and offer additional functionalities and recommendations to improve user experience. Libertybooks offers more than 50,000 items/SKUs on its portal. Additionally, Libertybooks wanted to incorporated an AI based recommendation engine, which would train itself based user searches and offer relevant selection of items to the visitors/users.

Objectives of Outsourcing:

To improve customer experience through a well-designed web-site and help users quickly locate the books they are looking for and also offer more choices in the same genre and based on customers previous search history and preferences. With online payment mechanism in place, customer data security was a significant concern, which needed to be catered to.


Ovex team worked with Libertybooks to understand the development requirements, especially the traffic volume, very big database of books and expectation of new generation of users. Libertybooks further wanted to make online channel a significant part of its’ revenue stream, which was a significant change from previous vision of serving customer through Libertybook’s outlets in Pakistan.  

 With these requirements in mind, Ovex team went to drawing board to design software architecture with speed and security in mind and proposed plan was presented to management. Deployment got slightly delayed due to changes required in the hosting servers owing to AI services incorporated in the software architecture.

Value Added:

Ovex helped design the E-Commerce platform, identify and set up hosting server requirements, and embed an AI based self-learning recommendation mechanism. With 6 months of post implementation support, Ovex was able to successfully deploy a fully functional solution, which is making increasing contribution to revenues of Libertybook.com platform.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP based Open-Source E-Commerce Platform