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Android and iOS development have dominated the operating system market. Android owns nearly 2.3x more of the global market share than iOS, it is worth mentioning that in the United States the market share is about even.  Yet market share isn’t the only thing that matters. Each platform has both its advantages and disadvantages meaning you should decide which platform to choose based on the requirements of your project. Below, we have gathered the advantages of Android and iOS development.

Advantages of iOS and android mobile applications

Advantages of Android Mobile Applications:

• Design

Google’s extensive developer guidelines to design are pretty helpful in building an aesthetically appealing layout and intuitive Android user interface.

• Flexibility

With its open-source software, Android offers developers a low barrier to entry. Developers can utilize various crowdsourcing frameworks and plugins and play around with the features and functionality, which makes the platform more flexible than iOS. However, this significantly complicates the development process.

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