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Ovex Software delivers exceptional project management, amazing designs, user-friendly interfaces and ROI in order to meet dynamics requirements of ever-connected digital world.



Android and iOS development have dominated the operating system market. Android owns nearly 2.3x more of the global market share than iOS, it is worth mentioning that in the United States the market share is about even.  Yet market share isn’t the only thing that matters. Each platform has both its advantages and disadvantages meaning you should decide which platform to choose based on the requirements

Advantages of iOS and android mobile applications

By: Saad Kaiser

Web development is a broad term used to describe the process of creating websites and applications. Technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used by developers to create web pages that visitors can see and interact with. These technologies are known collectively as web development technologies or just developer tools. They’re also known as internet user interface (UI) design tools or internet coding tools.

Understanding Web Development Technologies: Resources and Techniques

By: Saad Kaiser

Case Studies

Libertybooks.com is one of the pioneers of E-Commerce platforms in Pakistan. Libertybooks wanted to update its E-commerce portal to cater to the increasing traffic on the website and offer additional functionalities and recommendations to improve user experience. Libertybooks offers more than 50,000 items/SKUs on its portal.


A public sector bank of Pakistan wanted a CRM solution to manage customer interactions and complaint management. A specific requirement was to create multiple projects with CRM, with every project requiring its own customized workflow.  With Omni-channel (multiple customer contact platforms) support consolidated into one CRM platform.

CRM Implementation for a Public Sector Bank